Show Sales Numbers (SSN)

A WooCommerce Plugin - Version 1.3

WooCommerce Show Sales Numbers (SSN)

Show Sales Numbers displays the number of sales and the number of comments for the current product on the single product page.

You can easily change the Position Text, Style and Icons via Admin Settings. You can also disable/enable the output per product individual or for Products with 0 Sales.

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The Plugin Show Sales Numbers (SSN) displays hte number of sales and the number of comments for the current product on the single product page. The Message is placed after the Product Tags Listing and before the ShareThis Icons, but you can change position via Settings.

You can change the Text and Style of the message individually. Choose between 5 predefined CSS-Styles or use your own CSS-Class. 

You can choose the Icon you like. 10 different Icons royalty free to use by you are included. They are Icon Fonts so they scale wonderful sharp and diplay well on Retina Displays, too.

All this done easily from the Admin-Backend!

Easy to Configure via Settings Page

Message Position, Message-Text, Style, used Icons, Enable/Disable Message for Products with 0 Sales, Enable/Disable to show the Comments-Message, Enable/Disable Message per product. All this you can change easily from your Wordpress Backend!

Admin Settings

Admin Settings

Enable/Disable if Sales are ZERO!

Decide globally if you want to hide the messages for products that have no sales at the moment.

Admin Settings

Enable/Disable Comments Message!

Decide globally if you only want to show the sales numbers or the comment numbers also.

Admin Settings

Enable/Disable Message per product!

Decide for each product if you want to show or not to show the messages on product page. By default the messages are enabled for all products.

Admin Settings

Choose where to show the Message!

You can decide where you want the message to appear. Choose between 5 different places on the single product page by choosing number 1-5 from the dropdown. So easy!

Admin Settings

Use the Message Text you like!

No matter whatever you want to be displayed to the customer: Simply add your text in Settings and it will be delivered! No need of touching a language file or hardcode the Text. SO Easy!

Message Text

CSS Files Driven

The Style of the Message is completely driven by a CSS-File. So you can simply change it on the settings page to your needs. The Plugin comes with 5 different, predefined Styles ready to use. Or use your own CSS-Class. 

Admin Styles

Icons included

You can use the included free Retina Ready Web Font Icons to make the Message more visible. They are based on Vector Graphics and are beautiful sharp on every display. You can simply Change the Icon on the settings page. Simply choose the one you like with one click! 5 Icons for Sales Message and 5 Icons for Commetns Message are included!

Admin Icons

Via Admin-Dashboard

To install WooCommerce Show Sales Numbers (SSN) via the Admin-Dashboard you have to:



In case you want to upload via FTP:

How to start

After successfull Installation and Activativation the plugin already works and shows the Number of Sales and the Number of Comments on every Single Product Pagewith the default Style, Icon an Message-Text:

Standard Style

If you want to change something, please read further...

Where can I find the settings?


To access and change the settings you have to be logged-in to your Wordpress installation with admin rights. Please navigate to:

WooCommerce | Settings | General

You have to Scroll down a little bit, SSN-Settings are near to the end of the General-Tab.

In following read how to change settings.













Change the Position of the Message

Choose the number of the Place where you want the Message to appaer:

Change Icons

Here's an overviews which number represents which place. It may vary depending on the style you use.

Change Icons

Change the text of the message

The message shown to the user on single product page consists of four parts. You can edit them seperatly. The first two parts are the word for the Sales, #1 before and #2 after the sales number. The third and fourth is for the Comments, #3 before and #4 after the comments numbers.

You are allowed to use HTML in the texts, so for example you are able to use your own Icon Image. Simply insert a code like this in one of the text boxes:

< img src="">

When done hit "Save Changes".

Message Text

Message Text

Change the Style

The style of the message is powered by CSS. To change it you can choose from 5 predefined Styles or use your CSS Settings.

How to use predefined Styles:

In seetings choose the Style you want from the Dropdown. Have a look here (click) to see which Style-Number causes which look.

Change Style

  When done hit "Save Changes".

How to use your own Style:

To use your own Style you need CSS knowledge. You may open the included CSS file and change the code so it fits to your need.

We incuded a Class named hg-ssn-own-style. This you can change to your needs and reupload the CSS-File with the name hg-ssn.css an via FTP to your Wordpress Installation. The File has to be placed in the subfolder \wp-content\plugins\wc-show-sales-number\css\.

When done you have to choose "Use own CSS-Class" from the dropdown on Settings page. Don't forget to save the changes.

Every part of the message has it own CSS-ID so you can style them as you like:

.hg-box, #hg-ssn-text1{

.hg-box, #hg-ssn-number1{

.hg-box, #hg-ssn-text2{

.hg-box, #hg-ssn-text3{

.hg-box, #hg-ssn-number2{

.hg-box, #hg-ssn-text4{



Change the Icons

The Icons that are displayed are Font Icons. If you want to change the Icon simply choose the Icon-Number from the dropdown on settings page. You can change the Icons for Sales-Message and Comments-Message Seperately:

Change Icons

Have a look here (click) to see which Icon-Number causes which look. You may also choose "No Icon" if you don't want an Icon be displayed.

Disable Messages individual per Product

If you want to disable the messages for a single product you can do this by editing a present product or when you add a new product. Navigate to 'Product Data'. On the 'General' Tab there is a Checkbox called "Disable SSN-Messages". When you check this box the message will not be shown for this product only. By default the message output is enabled. Don't forget to publish / update the product. For sure you can change this later. For example: If you checked the box when creating a new product no messages will be shown. If you edit the Product later on and uncheck the box the messages will appear. Just as you need it.

Change Icons

Five different Styles are already included. Here's an overview which CSS-File-Setting in the Options causes which Style:

CSS-Style #1:
Style 1

CSS-Style #2:

Style 2

CSS-Style #3:

Style 3

CSS-Style #4:

Style 4

CSS-Style #5:

Style 5


You can change the two used Icon Images seperately.



You can also use your own CSS-Class. For a how to please have a look at the Quick Start Guide.

Here's an overview which Icon setting on options page calls which Icon:

Sales Icons:

Sales Icons Overview

Comments Icons:

Commetns Icons Overview

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V 1.3 (06.02.2015)
* NEW Feature: Choose between 5 different positions where SSN shows the output
* NEW Feature: Enable / Disable output for products with 0 sales
* NEW Feature: Enable / Disable Comment Numbers so only Sales Numbers were shown

V 1.2 (18.02.2014)
* NEW Feature: HTML allowed in texts
* NEW Feature: after numbers text input field added
* Improvement: Font-Icon outsourced for better performance
* Improvement: CSS improved for better customization

V 1.1 (13.02.2014)
* NEW Feature: Enable / Disable Output per Product (Default: Enabled)

V 1.0 (09.02.2014)
* First stable release

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